4th grade music

This page will keep you updated on all things 4th grade music!  Check back for recent posts from Mrs. B on what is going on in the music room!
Cycle 21: Students practiced the skill of sight reading (playing or singing a song without practice first).  We tried it with our voices and our solfedge first.  Then we tried it with our recorders.  Students then practiced their songs for the recorder performance, which will be on Thursday, May 7th at 9:30AM. Finally we closed with movement to a song "Walk and Stop."
Cycle 20: Students learned how to move up the recorder with the notes G,A,B and C. Mrs. Bilott talked to them about how to practice at home.  Using 10 objects, students play the pattern on their recorder.  If it is correct, then move one object over.  If not, they need to play it again.  They can't stop until they have moved 10 objects. Students then reviewed how to count and tap 16th notes and how to identify them in a song with "Chicken on a Fence Post."
Cycle 19: Students reviewed the song "Hot Cross Buns" with Quaver on the screen.  We then reviewed the G note and how to read rhythms.  Students were assessed on their ability to play G today.  We took a short movement break with the song "Get Your Feet Out the Sand." Finally we began to review the music we have learned previously including "Walk Like a Mummy," "AAA," and "Perry the Sheep."
Cycle 18: Students learned the song "Perry the Sheep" that moves between the B and A notes on the recorder.  They then reviewed the note G (thumb on the back and three fingers in the front).  Students took a little break from their recorder and played the memory game "Categories."  Finally Mrs. B showed them the note A and how it can be used to play all our songs from 1st grade music.
Cycle 17: Students reviewed the pretest words while looking at new song "AAA."  After we practiced the song and following the musical rest, student had to play an A for a grade.  Students then practiced the G note with a game of tic tac toe vs. Mrs. Bilott.  Then we got up and moving around with the game "Pizza Pizza Daddy O".  Some classes also made the connection between the musical staff and our hand.
Cycle 16: Students reviewed the pretest words (treble clef, time signature, measure, bar line, final bar line) while looking at the song "Walk Like a Mummy".  That is the first song in their packet I sent home.  We then practiced "Walk Like a Mummy" and then took a test on playing the note B.  The look fors were using the left hand, using the correct fingers and not squeaking.  After the short quiz, we used 4 chairs to review the musical notes and their lengths (whole, half, quarter, eighth and sixteenth).  Finally, if there was time left, we got up and moved to "Pizza, Pizza Daddy O."
Cycle 15:
Students took a pretest of what music notation they already know with the class set of ipads and Kahoot!  After the game, the students played a game of rhythm Tic Tac Toe using their recorders.  We used the song "Walk Like a Mummy" to locate the time signature, measure, staff, bar line and final bar line.  Finally Mrs. B taught a new note, C and issued a new challenge, play the songs from first grade using your recorder and the notes C and A.
Cycle 14:
Students ran the Holiday Celebration music as if it were the concert.  We review the "look fors" from the Veterans day program on how to stand up, perform, sit down and be a good audience member.  Students review the song "Hot Cross Buns" and received a packet of sheet music for their recorder.  Mrs. B gave them two challenges; playing a song from music notation and playing "Mary Had a Little Lamb" by ear.
Cycle 13:
Students ran the Holiday Celebration music as if it were the concert.  We reviewed the "look fors" from the Veterans day program on how to stand up, perform, sit down and be a good audience member.  Students also learned the note G and the song "Hot Cross Buns."  Recorders will come home next cycle.
Cycle 12:
Students learned their second note on the recorder (an A!).  Recorders will stay at school two more cycles.  Students also reviewed their Holiday Celebration songs.
Cycle 11:
Students learned their first note on the recorder (a B!).  Recorders will stay at school with Mrs. B until Christmas break.  Students also starting working on their Holiday Music Celebration songs "Little Saint Nick" and "We Wish you a Merry Christmas".  Lyric sheets will be coming home soon!
Cycle 10: 
During this cycle students had one last practice on stage for Veteran's day.  In class, we also discussed the proper use of air in the recorder ("foggy window air") and learned some background information on the recorder.
Cycle 9: 
During this cycle students practiced the Veteran's day music on stage standing on the risers.  We are almost ready to show you how hard we have been working.  Students should be practicing their music at home to prepare.
Cycle 8:
After warming up, students sang through their Veterans day music, practicing the speaking parts as well.  Four students were selected from each class to speak.  Students will have other chances for speaking parts this year, including the Holiday Music Celebration and the 4th grade Music Celebration that occurs in May.  After practicing our Veterans day music, students used their detective skills to figure out the mystery rhythm on the board, that contained a musical rest.  We played "See the Old Witch" in class.
Cycle 7:
After singing their "hello" greeting to Mrs. B, students stood and did their warm up with the piano.  We talked about how the shape of our lips, tongue and teeth can change the sound we create.  We also talked about the impact of posture on your singing voice.  Students then sang through the Veteran's day music.  There is a copy of the lyrics on the web page if you student lost their lyric paper at home.  Students then practiced naming the notes on the lines and spaces using a game on Quaver music.  See the side bar to learn how you can access Quaver at home.  You may remember learning that the spaces spell FACE and the lines are "Every Good Boy Does Fine."  Our fourth graders came up with other fun sayings as well!  

Cycle 5 and 6:

After singing their “hello” greeting to Mrs. B for a quick assessment, students ran through all the Veterans day songs with the piano. I will be sending home a paper with the lyrics for the Veterans day songs so students may practice in between music classes.  We reviewed the musical terms staff, line note and space note.  See if your students can explain them to you.  Finally we sang the folk song “Chicken on the fence post” and played a game that reinforces steady beat. 


Cycle 3 and 4:

Our Music Room has been quite busy as we review key concepts from last year and being to learn new concepts for this year!


In 4th grade, students are starting to prepare for the Veterans’ day program in November.  We have been singing “My Country Tis of Thee,” “Taps” and “the Star Spangled Banner.”  I read the original poem to the students and we talked about what motivated Francis Scott Key to write the famous poem.  We also have been working on our movement and improvisational skills with “Pizza, Pizza, Daddy O” and ability to move to a steady beat with “Chicken on a Fence Post.”  The students have two assessments completed: showing they can keep the steady beat and reading a musical flash card with a steady beat (by using a metronome). In Cycle 5 students will learn “You’re a Grand Old Flag” and practice writing rhythms using Popsicle sticks.

In class, we use Quaver's Marvelous World of Music to enhance our curriculum.  Students have online access at home.  Go to http://quavermusic.com
Click on "student interactives" and enter the code NYX65!
Attached is a letter regarding recorder instruction starting in November.