2nd grade music

This page will feature news and information from the 2nd grade music classroom!
Cycle 21: After warming up, students learned a new song "Lemonade."  After some practice, students were adding their own thoughts and ideas to the game. We made the connection to our Orff instruments and students had a chance to play an Orff instrument and sing "Acka Backa" at the same time.  It was a great class!
Cycle 20: After warming up, students learned a new song that wasn't new to them, "Ring Around the Rosy."  We worked to identify the meter and found that it was 2/4 and 3/4 at the same time. Students then practiced singing Mrs. B's hand signs without her singing, this time for a small grade. Students played the "Raccoon Dance" movement game again and then learned the 5 lines in treble clef: EVERY GOOD BOY DESERVES FUDGE.
Cycle 19: After warming up, students learned a new song called "There's a Hole in the Bucket." There are two characters in the song, Liza and Henry.  We talked about trying to be more like Liza and less like Henry.  Be sure to ask your student the difference between the two.  Then students sang the sounds that went with Mrs. B's hand signs (without Mrs. B singing first).  This tested their ability to hear musically and not just repeat what they hear.  Mrs. B then taught the students the very fun movement game that goes with the "Raccoon Dance."  Lastly, we reviewed the word STAFF, and added TREBLE CLEF.  We said the 4 spaces in treble clef spell FACE.
Cycle 18: After warming up, students learned a new song called the "Raccoon Dance."  This song was unique in that it was in a Native American language.  Then to review METER, students played a quiz challenge game.  In the time remaining, the students sang and played the music game "Little Sally Water."
Cycle 17: After warming up, students reviewed the term METER by participating in the Quaver Quirky Quiz.  After the quiz, students used paper and pencil to take a meter assessment.  In the time left, students played "Little Sally Water."
Cycle 16:
After warming up, students learned a new song called "Little Sally Water".  After singing it, they discovered tapping the same way over and over doesn't fit the song and the beats need to be grouped into strong beats and weak beats.  That is called meter.  Students then watched a short Quaver video from our curriculum that gives several examples of meter, including the patterns a conductor uses.  Be sure to ask your student to conduct for you!  If time allowed, students tried to be a "meter reader" like the video as they listened to musical examples.
Cycle 15:
After warming up, students learned a new song called "Teddy Bear" and heard the musical rest in the song.  Students then had to show Mrs. B what rhythm she was playing out of 4 choices on the board.  Mrs. B then taught students a new song "Charlie Over the Ocean" that also has a fun game to go with it.  Finally we reviewed the word staff and connected it to our own hands.
Cycle 14:
After warming up, students practiced running through the Holiday Celebration performance.  They review how to stand up, sit down, perform correctly and be a good audience member.  Then students heard the story of the Nutcracker, used instruments to play along with the "Russian Dance" from the Nutcracker and watched a small portion of the ballet.
Cycle 13:
After warming up, students practiced running through the Holiday Celebration performance.  They learned how to stand up, sit down, perform correctly and be a good audience.  After discussing the "look fors" I graded this in Skyward.
Cycle 12: 
After warming up, the students reviewed the Holiday Celebration music.  Each class tried playing "Jolly Old Saint Nicholas" on the boomwackers as a team.  Boomwackers are rainbow colored plastic tubes that create different sounds.  The students had to have self-control and display team work to create the song together.
Cycle 11: 
After warming up, students reviewed "Feliz Navidad" from last class and learned "Jolly Old Saint Nicholas."  We listened for a rest and found several.  Students then wrote music on the floor using the Popsicle sticks.  Mrs. B used this for a grade today.  The students learned the song and the game "5 Fat Turkeys" and finally reviewed "Up on the Housetop" and "Here Comes Santa Claus."
Cycle 10:
After warming up, Mrs. B taught students "Here Comes Santa Claus" for our 2019 Musical Celebration.  That will be the opening song we all sing together.  Then after a review, students read flash cards that contained a rest for a grade.  Mrs. B taught everyone a call and response song "Shoo Turkey."  Ask your student how to properly shoo a turkey back into their pen!  Finally, Mrs. B taught the song "Feliz Navidad" which will be one of the 2nd grade feature songs for the Holiday Celebration!
Cycle 9:
After warming up, students reviewed "You're a Grand Old Flag" and then learned the song "Naughty Kitty Cat."  Be sure to ask your student why the kitty was so naughty!  We heard a musical rest in the song which led us to reading musical flash cards that contain rests.  We then found rests in a song we learned earlier this year "Bow Wow Wow."  Finally, we reviewed the sol-mi hand signs as Mrs. B taught a new game called "Categories."
Cycle 8:
After warming up our voices, students learned the song "You're a Grand Old Flag" in preparation for Veteran's day.  A copy of the lyrics can be found on the side bar of this web page.  We then reviewed that four sounds can occur in one beat and that rhythm is called SIXTEENTH NOTES.  To review, we sang "16th note Samba" while we played our hand drums.  Finally, some classes were able to play the musical game "See the Old Witch."
Cycle 7:
After warming up our voices, students learned a new song "Halloween."  After moving to the song, we discovered moments of silence.  We reviewed that those moments in music are called RESTS.  Then students moved to "Toccata and Fugue in D Minor" by Johann Sebastian Bach.  If students moved during a rest, they received an "s" instead of an "o" for the activity.  We then played "Acka Backa", a musical passing game that also contains rests.
Cycle 5 and 6:

After singing their “I am here” greeting to Mrs. B for a quick assessment, students learned the folk song “Skin and Bones” that goes along with October.  After analyzing the parts of the story, we sang it together.  Students then played a flash card guessing game with me to see if they could spot the correct rhythm.  Finally students sang and played a fun game called “See the Old Witch.”


Cycle 3 and 4:


Our Music Room has been quite busy as we review key concepts from last year and being to learn new concepts for this year!

In 2nd grade, students are being to work with three new sounds that we haven’t identified yet.  In music class, we always practice a skill or idea before making it known.  For now, students can demonstrate the three sounds on their body for you.  We discovered them in “Tideo,” “Bow Wow Wow” and our opening song.  In cycle 5, students will learn their real names.  The students have two assessments completed: showing they can keep the steady beat and reading a musical flash card with a steady beat (by using a metronome).   Ask you student about the old-fashioned line dance we had in class with “Tideo.”