1st grade music

This page will keep you updated on all things 1st Grade!
Cycle 21: 
During this lesson, students learned a new song "Mouse Mousie." Students heard like and unlike phrases from Mrs. B's drum and even had a chance to play the drum themselves. Students then sang and played the game "Lucy Locket." Finally we discovered the new higher sound was called LA and practiced that hand sign.
Cycle 20:
During the lesson, students learned a new song "Lucy Locket." They had the chance to catch du, du de and rest fish in our fishing game.  The students moved around the room as they followed directions with "Walk and Stop." Finally we work on our hands signs and a new sound with "Lucy Locket."
Cycle 19:
During the cycle, students learned a new song "Naughty Kitty Cat" and found that it had musical rests as well! Students used the music ipads to create musical patterns that contained rests.  Mrs. B graded their ability to write down the rhythm on the ipad that Mrs. B spoke. Students sang and played the name game song "Bounce High" and learned a new song "Lucy Locket."
Cycle 18:
During the cycle, students learned a new song "Teddy Bear" and found that it had musical rests.  Students read flash cards that had a rest and had a turn reading a card themselves. After work hard on the rest, students moved to the circle to sing and play "Hey, Hey Look at Me."  In the time we had left, we review the hand signs SOL and MI.
Cycle 17:
During this cycle, students learned a new song "Peas Porridge Hot."  After learning the song, they heard silences in the music. After thinking more about this song and the song from cycle 16 "Acka Backa," students discovered a musical rest.  A REST is a silence in music.  The students then played the fun passing game that goes along with "Acka Backa."
Cycle 16:
During this cycle, students learned a new song "Acka Backa." We then used chairs to make rhythms.  Students figured out that one student per chair was a "du" (quarter note) and two students per chair was a "du de" (eighth notes).  We then discovered an empty chair in the song "Acka Backa" which will lead us to discovering a musical rest next class. After we played the game "Apple Tree" and reviewed the 5 lines and 4 spaces in music is called a STAFF.  It was a busy day in the music room!
Cycle 15:
During this cycle, students learned a new song "Star Bright".  They also had to tell Mrs. B what rhythm they heard when Mrs. B played the rhythm sticks.  One of those rhythms was "Doggie Doggie" that students got to play.  Finally we learned the word STAFF (which is the 5 lines and 4 spaces in music) and compared that to our hands.
Cycle 14:
During this cycle, we practiced how we will perform for the Holiday Music Celebration. After we were down practicing, the students heard the story of the "Nutcracker".  Next they moved and clapped along with the "Russian Dance" from the "Nutcracker."  Finally they watched a short section of the ballet.
Cycle 13: 
During the cycle, we practiced how we will perform for the Holiday Music Celebration.  Students were graded on the "look fors" for a performer.  
Cycle 12: 
During this cycle, students reviewed the music for the Holiday Celebration.  If we had time, we listened to and moved with the song "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" from the "Nutcracker."  We will talk more about the "Nutcracker" later this month.
Cycle 11:
During the cycle, students reviewed "Frosty Weather" and used their bodies to find the sounds.  We turned that into our solfa hand signs and sounds.  Students wrote music using Popsicle sticks on the floor.  We got up and danced a group dance to the "Frosty Weather" song and tried out rhythm sticks to "Ring the Bells."  Finally students reviewed "Up on the Housetop" and "Here Comes Santa Claus."
Cycle 10: 
During this cycle, students learned the song "Frosty Weather" which definitely applies to the current weather conditions! They practiced reading flash cards and then each student read a flash card for a grade.  Mrs. B taught everyone the call and response song "Shoo Turkey" and the students had fun "shooing" the turkeys back into their pen while they sang.  We rang jingle bells while we sang "Ring the Bells" together and ended with "Up on the Housetop."
Cycle 9:
During this cycle, students met the Wise Old Owl and learned how to greet him using our singing voices.  We practiced "You're a Grand Old Flag" to get ready for the Veteran's day program.  After looking a mystery rhythm, students discovered it was "Pass the Pumpkin."  We sang and played the game together.  Finally, Mrs. B read a Halloween poem to the students about a little kiddo with an overactive imagination!
Cycle 8:
After singing to Mrs. Koo Koo bird one last time, we practiced "You're a Grand Old Flag."  The entire school will be singing this song together for our Veteran's day program on November 11th.  The lyrics are in the side bar if you student wants to practice at home.  We then continued practicing reading our flash cards with a metronome.  Finally the students learned the song and game "Pass the Pumpkin" and we worked on passing to the steady beat and being great listeners for the "BOO!"  Many of the classes also had a chance to move to the wonderful classical song "Dance Macabre" by Camille Saint Saenes.  
Cycle 7:
After singing to Mrs. Koo Koo, we learned a new Halloween song "Skin and Bones".  The students got up and moved with the music as they sang.  We practiced reading musical rhythms with a metronome.  Students know a quarter note as du and eighth notes as du de.  Finally, we learned the game for "See the Old Witch" and played it together as we sang.
Cycle 5 and 6:

After singing to Mrs. Koo Koo bird for a quick assessment, students learned a fun song called “Pumpkin Bones.”  After analyzing the elements of the story, we stood and sang it together.  Students then played a flash card guessing game with me to see if they could spot the correct rhythm.  Finally students sang and played a fun game from last year “See the Old Witch.”


Cycle 3 and 4:

In 1st grade, we have been working on keeping a steady beat with our feet marching to the “Stars and Stripes Forever” by John Philip Sousa and playing our hand drums.  We used our hand drums to create sound effects for the book “Tap Tap Boom Boom” (a great book if you want to check it out at the library!) We have also been working on hearing high-low by singing to Mrs. Koo Koo bird (your students can tell you about her problem and how we help her) and playing the yellow/green boomwackers. Next class we will use scarves to show fast vs. slow and celebrate fall with the song/game “Apple Tree.”