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Welcome to Fourth Grade

Welcome to Fourth Grade. As a TEAM - Ms. Zindren teaching Math and Science and Mrs. Bell teaching Reading, Language Arts, and Social Studies - we promise a year filled with learning, laughs, and making new friends. Fourth grade is an exciting time as you will meet new challenges and take on the responsibility of being the best fourth grader you can be.
A typical day in ELA class consists of:
  • using CLOSE READING strategies to better understand what the author is saying,
  • learning new vocabulary WORDS,
  • DISCUSSING text with others,
  • correctly following the rules of GRAMMAR and SPELLING, and  
A typical day in SOCIAL STUDIES class consists of:
  • using maps to locate important places in Pennsylvania,
  • learning about Pennsylvania's geography,
  • learning about Pennsylvania's landforms,
  • learning about Pennsylvania's resources, and  
  • learning about Pennsylvania's history.