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Standardized Testing

The following assessments are administered during the K-4 years:
Cognitive Abilities Test: This is a test that measures a students ability level in verbal, non-verbal and quantitative areas. We are administering this in February over three days. Each day will take approximately one hour.
Pennsylvania School Systematic Assessments: This is a required state assessment that measures a students' proficiency in certain subject areas.
Aimsweb: These are math and reading benchmarks given by teachers in the fall, winter and spring. The results are used for intervention planning and monitoring student progress.

CDT - These assessments are taken on the school computer and measure student's progress in reading and math. These results are used for monitoring class and student progress in the curriculum.

Kindergarten Aimsweb
Grade 1 Aimsweb and Cognitive Abilities Tests
Grade 2 Aimsweb
Grade 3 PSSA in English/Language Arts/Math (April 8-20); CDT (fall, winter, spring)
Grade 4 PSSA in English/Language Arts/Math/Science (April 8-27); CDT (fall, winter, spring)