Title I » Sheridan Terrace Parent & Family Engagement Plan Policy

Sheridan Terrace Parent & Family Engagement Plan Policy

Sheridan Terrace Elementary School Parent and Family Engagement Plan


  •   Six standards are included in the Parent and Family Engagement Plan:
  •   Communication, Parenting, Student Learning, Volunteering, School Decision Making and Advocacy, and Collaborating with the Community. The stakeholders responsible in each area include: school, parents & family, teachers, and students.
  •   School Mission: To increase student achievement by building a partnership and knowledge base with parents about what is expected for learning.
  •   The Parent and Family Engagement Team consists of the Federal Programs Coordinator, administrators, reading specialists, teachers, parents and guardians. The goal of this team is to develop a system that best supports our students’ educational and personal growth.

Sheridan Terrace Elementary School has developed a School-Parent Compact.  This compact outlines how parents, school staff, and students share the responsibility for improving student academic achievement and the means by which the school and parents will build and develop a partnership to help children achieve the state’s high academic standards. The compact will be reviewed annually.


Items in the compact include the following sections:

  •      What is a School-Parent Compact? - This includes a description of the compact and what makes it effective.
  •      Contact Us – This includes the contact information for the reading specialists at Sheridan Terrace Elementary School.
  •      Jointly Developed- This includes a summary of how the compact was developed and is revised annually by parents/families, staff, and students.
  •      Building Partnerships- This outlines upcoming events that promote parent/family engagement, along with how the events will be communicated to parents/families.
  •      Communication – This section includes ways that the school promotes two-way communication between the school and home.
  •      District Goals – This includes three goals established by Norwin School District’s Comprehensive Plan.
  •      Sheridan Terrace Goals for Student Achievement – This outlines three goals Sheridan Terrace Elementary School will focus on in order to promote further student achievement.
  •      Classroom Goals and Home Connections – This section outlines one main goal each grade level will focus on achieving with students for the school year and provides ideas for parents/families to support the goal at home.
  •      Sheridan Terrace Students – Students use this section to set their own reading goal for the school year.


The School-Parent Compact is revised annually by administrators, teachers, staff, parents, and students.  The compact is distributed to families and can be found on the district website. 


Standard I: Communication with Parents

  •      Conduct two Parent/Teacher Conferences per year.
  •      Hold at least three Parent and Family Engagement Meetings per year at varying times to accommodate family schedules. Topics for the meetings will be based on survey data collected from parents/guardians.
  •      Send monthly informational items regarding student performance and/or learning strategies.
  •      Provide clear information concerning expectations and offerings.
  •      Provide feedback on student performance via progress reports at the beginning, middle, and end of year.
  •      Disseminate information on school policies and procedures and include parents/guardians in the decision-making process.
  •      Encourage immediate family/teacher/administrator contact when concern arises.
  •      Provide opportunities for teachers and families to communicate positively through mail, Special Delivery, phone, email, or conference.
  •      Provide useful professional development for staff regarding effective two-way communication and cultural awareness.


Standard II: Parenting:

  •      Provide a Parent Resource Library in the main office at Sheridan Terrace Elementary School for distributing and lending materials to parents/guardians.
  •      Advertise to parents that the computer in the main office is available for their use.
  •      Develop and disseminate surveys as a means of communication to help identify families’ needs and hear their suggestions for future parent-teacher workshops and meetings.


Standard III: Student Learning

  •      Host an Open House to familiarize parents/guardians with the school and the curriculum.
  •      Hold parent/teacher conferences at the beginning and end of the year to provide information on student progress, goals, and moving forward with learning.
  •      Host Parent and Family Engagement Meetings to educate parents/guardians on ways in which they can support their children’s learning at home.
  •      Involve parents/guardians and students in setting learning goals.
  •      Partner with the PTA to provide different opportunities for teachers and families.

Standard IV: Volunteering

  •      Offer parents/guardians the opportunity to volunteer for the District Title I Parent Advisory Council to allow parents/guardians to take part in the planning of the program and support meaningful parent involvement.
  •      Partner with the education program at the high school to provide childcare for reading events held in the evening for parents/guardians.
  •      Survey parents/guardians to ensure they are volunteering in areas that interest them.
  •      Make reading and parenting resources available at events involving parent/guardian volunteers.
  •      Offer various opportunities/times/locations for parents/guardians to volunteer.


Standard V: School Decision Making & Advocacy

  •      Support the PTA.
  •      Treat parent concerns with respect and demonstrate genuine interest in developing solutions.
  •      Provide opportunities for staff and parents to collaborate and make shared decisions.
  •      Include parents/guardians on advisory committees that directly relate to their children.
  •      Provide data, policies and rights to parents/guardians on a regular basis.


Standard VI: Collaborating with the Community

  •      Partner with the Norwin Public Library to provide information to parents to support their children’s learning.
  •      Engage in activities that the school determines will use community resources to strengthen the school program, family practices, and student learning.
Partner with community leaders to present topics or read aloud to the children of Sh