Title I » Sheridan Terrace Schoolwide Title 1 Plan

Sheridan Terrace Schoolwide Title 1 Plan

School Level Plan

Action Plans

Goal #1: Ensure that there is a system within the school that fully ensures school-wide use of data that is focused on school improvement and the academic growth of all students

Strategies:  Early assessment, precise intervention, and continuous progress monitoring of students new to Sheridan Terrace

Description: PSSA data and teachers' anecdotal observations show that students who move into the school do not accomplish the PSSA at similarly strong levels as those who have had a consistent, monitored Sheridan Terrace education.  


Implementation Steps:

  1.       Within one week of enrollment, new students will be assessed with the DIBELS reading and math benchmark tests.
  2.       If students score below or well below benchmark, teacher will administer DRA.
  3.      All assessment results will be copied for the principal and reading specialist.
  4.      Using the DRA results, teachers will develop a reading intervention plan and submit it and progress monitoring tools to the principal.
  5.      After 6 weeks, teachers will present students and updated data to an intervention committee for review and professional discussion of next steps.


Goal #2: Ensure that there is a system within the school that fully ensures a safe and supportive environment for all students.

Strategy #1:  Weekly eBlasts

Description: Following a format that successfully engages families (as indicated by perception data) in a different school, the principal will send a weekly eBlast that highlights District and school events, provides information, and shares accomplishments.

Implementation Steps:

Weekly eBlasts


  1.       Identify an effective format for the weekly eBlast.
  2.      Set deadlines and name persons responsible for the different sections of the eBlast.
  3.      Encourage parent feedback on content, links, and organization.
  4.      Include perception question(s) on the annual Title I survey.
  5.      Follow-up each month at the PTA meeting with parents to gain insights.  


Strategy #2:  School Support for Home Learning

Description: Reading Specialists, teachers, principals, and parents will learn about Growth Mindset together during PAC meetings, weekly eBlasts, and a shared P.D. session.

Implementation Steps:

Growth Mindset home learning

Description: Using the book 101 Ways to Create Real Family Engagement, this plan will utilize ideas in Domain 4 "School Support for Home Learning" to enhance our home-school connection.

  1.       Idea #97: Every event as a takeaway for learning
  2.       Bulletin boards and explicit teaching about how our brains work
  3.       Scavenger hunt for parents during Open House on brain research
  4.       Reminders about "not yet" posted in the school
  5.       Staff buy-in with computer science lessons, rigorous projects, celebrations
  6.       Teachers to use language conducive to growth mindedness
  7.       Connection to STEAM Catalyst grant and its focus on persistence